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Learn to apply predictive analysis for early warning and strategic foresight to prepare ahead.
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Predictive practices have allowed SOC teams to gain lead time from days to weeks.
Why Predictive Defense
Delayed Reaction
Post-compromise detection leads to prolonged dwell time and significant damage. Predictive Defense provides early warnings to enhance preparedness and reduce dwell time.
Time to Align Defenses
Companies need time to counter emerging threats. Predictive Defense offers foresight, allowing timely adaptation and enhanced security.
Speed of Attackers
Attackers weaponize vulnerabilities within 24 hours. Predictive Defense offers early warnings for preemptive action and risk mitigation.
Prioritizing Threats
Focusing only on impact overwhelms organizations. Predictive Defense offers a time-sensitive approach for better prioritization and response.
Gain More Time To Prepare
Predictive Defense provides early warnings and strategic foresight, giving you the critical time needed to be prepared and stay ahead of emerging threats.
Critical vulnerabilities are usually remedied within 30-60 days, but are exploited in 5-15 days
Average of 10 days to detect an intrusion
Companies are slow to implement security controls at scale
About me
Robin Dimyanoglu is the Red Team Lead at HelloFresh Global, with extensive experience in Cyber Threat Intelligence and Threat-Informed Defense. Robin is inspired to bring in concepts from war and intelligence studies to the field of cybersecurity. With a passion for staying ahead of the curve, he is committed to developing novel solutions to security problems.
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